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  • Two classes for $200 CAD
  • Unlimited classes for $500 CAD

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All classes are online and on video chat, you will be sent the URL in advance of the class. Each class is one hour with about 30-40 minutes of lecture, but they are usually practical where you are taking actions during the class and so I have provided a lot of time to answer all of your questions in the process. There are no refunds, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Once your payment is received, you’ll be invited to the private, secure chat, and from there we’ll find times and dates for the classes you want to take.

Participate in Cryptocurrency

This is a three part series, you should complete them in order.

How to safely buy & sell Bitcoin and Ethereum.

By the end of this class, you will have created an account with an on-ramp exchange, and will know exactly how to buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum with Canadian or US dollars. Your smart phone should be connected to the internet, and you should be familiar with adding apps and creating accounts to take this class.

  • What an exchange is
  • What the differences are between them
  • Which ones you should use
  • Hot vs cold storage and everything else you’ll need to have some bitcoin and/or ethereum going into next week’s session to trade

Trading with Ethereum on centralized exchanges.

By the end of this class you will be ready to start trading all cryptocurrencies on your own, and with limit and stop orders. This is where most of the major profits have been made this year.

  • A walk through, specifically around:
  • Market pairs/key pairs
  • Arbitrage
  • Limit/Stop orders
  • Knowing your plan, and sticking to it.

DEXs and low market cap alts.

This is for those who’ve taken the “Learn how to safely buy bitcoin and ethereum” and “Trading with Ethereum on centralized exchanges” classes, and are ready to play in the high risk game new altcoins which have the most potential but also the most risk. By the end of the end of the class you will be comfortable with using decentralized exchanges, and begin an open source intelligence strategy for hearing about where the latest action is.

  • DEXs
  • Uniswap/
  • Low cap altcoins - processes for finding the rare gems
  • Logging/reporting

One off blockchain and decentralization classes

WTF is an NFT

This class is intended for artists and creatives who want to understand NFTs and how to leverage the technology. As with all of my classes, this includes a practical component showing you through the process. If you’ve completed the DEX class, or have metamask installed this will be a breeze, but no worries if not, you can take that class separately!)

During this class we’ll walk through:

  • What an NFT is and why they are all of the rage
  • How to create your first NFT art and put it up for sale
  • The risks and concerns with NFTs
  • Other potential uses for NFTs

One off Classes

Password Management

By the end of the class you’ll understand:

  • What is MFA/2FA
  • More than you ever wanted to know about password strength
  • Thinking about the safe storage of your passwords, and how websites may store your password
  • Criteria for choosing software to manage your passwords
  • A practical walk through of installing KeePass on your device, and how to use it, where you can ask me any/all questions you have until you have it working and your comfortable using it

Website Optimization

By the end of the class you’ll understand how to audit your own website in terms of

  • Page Speed
  • Conversions
  • Accessibility
  • Social Media
  • Abuse Reports
  • Security
  • Privacy law compliance
  • SEO

Privacy Browsing How-To

By the end of this class you’ll understand the basics of what happens ‘underneath the hood’ when you visit a website, and then the tools to use and steps you can take to surf the web anonymously.