Shell Scripting for Beginners, to use GPT

Subject: Commanding Success: A Beginner's Guide to Console/Terminal Mastery — The Essential Pre-Requisite for Harnessing AutoGPT

Class Content

Are you new to the world of console/terminal and eager to learn the ropes? Join us for a comprehensive, beginner-friendly class designed to empower you with the fundamental skills necessary to excel in the realm of console/terminal operations.

This engaging and interactive course serves as the perfect foundation for those who aspire to leverage the power of AutoGPT in their business. Our expert instructor will guide you through:

💻 The basics of console/terminal navigation and command execution, demystifying the process in an approachable manner.

🛠 Essential tools and techniques to streamline your workflow, enabling you to work more efficiently and effectively.

🔐 Best practices to ensure the security of your data and protect your digital assets.

📚 A well-rounded understanding of how console/terminal mastery paves the way for success in our upcoming AutoGPT course.

By the end of this class, you will possess the essential console/terminal skills required to take your business to new heights with AutoGPT.

Don’t let your lack of console/terminal knowledge hold you back—register now and embark on a journey towards tech-savvy success!

Skill Level: Beginner

Format: Instructor-led

Duration: 1 hour

Date & Time I schedule a date and time with all paid students that works for everyone, it is established dynamically at your convenience at least 3 business days in advance.

Price: Classes are $200 CAD each, 5% discount if you pay in bitcoin. If you're under-employed, reach out and we'll sort something out. We also have packages available as seen at the bottom of the classes page.


Name: Kris Constable

Socials: Twitter

Bio: Started my career in the 1990s as a top level UNIX system administrator, and have lived in terminal personally and professionally ever since

Qualifications: Instructor Qualifications