My name is Kris Constable. This is my personal blog. You can also follow me as @cqwww on Twitter.

Kris at the Community Experience

I'm on the third phase of my career. I started in information security (became global security expert for Canada's biggest company), and then privacy (become of one of the first international trainers for the IAPP, as well as an advisor and investigator for the privacy commissioner), and am focused on providing value through creativity for the last few years, mostly through entrepreneurship.

I'm also a technical advisor, business coach, and/or board member for various organizations.

I'm interested in ideas, entrepreneurship, travel, privacy, security, technology, social networking, radio frequencies, bio-tech, fermentation and distillation. These are most likely the subjects that you will find me most often writing about.

Thanks for reading! If there is anything you'd like to see here, let me know!

You can contact me on

  • twitter: cqwww
  • email: krisⓐideawave.ca
  • email: krisⓐprivasectech.com

For my reference when my memory starts to fade, these are some fun accomplishments/memories:

  • Judged the largest homebrew contest in Korea's history
  • Took off, flew, and landed and airplane
  • Given the title global security expert by the largest company in my country
  • Made a still in an evening on a bet
  • First girlfriend I lived with won model of the year in our country
  • Removed someone's fingerprints (with their consent)
  • Improved security on the internet (mostly using pseudonyms)
  • Represented Canada on the global stage, speaking about online hate
  • Was on the front page of the Globe & Mail newspaper across the country
  • Had a mini zoo of abused/neglected animals
  • Ran in federal politics
  • Elected president of a lawn bowling club
  • Convinced Whit Diffie to try PGP with his email
  • Co-founded Canada's first bio-tech community lab
  • Co-owned a cocktail bar
  • Founded and ran an ideas conference that sold out by second year
  • Was called the Kevin Bacon of the infosec world
  • Hosted an event for roughly 11 years, 3 hours a week