Password Management

Subject: Everything you've wanted to know about passwords and more, you'll never have a password brute force hacked again after this class

Class Content

By the end of the class you’ll understand:

  • What is MFA/2FA
  • More than you ever wanted to know about password strength
  • Thinking about the safe storage of your passwords, and how websites may store your password
  • Criteria for choosing software to manage your passwords, with a recommendation
  • A practical walk through of installing KeePass on your device, and how to use it
  • You can ask me any/all questions you have until you have it working and your comfortable using it

Skill Level: Beginner

Format: Instructor-led

Duration: 1 hour

Date & Time I schedule a date and time with all paid students that works for everyone, it is established dynamically at your convenience at least 3 business days in advance.

Price: Classes are $200 CAD each, 5% discount if you pay in bitcoin. If you're under-employed, reach out and we'll sort something out. We also have packages available as seen at the bottom of the classes page.


Name: Kris Constable

Socials: Twitter

Bio: Was responsible for cracking passwords of Canada's biggest company before the bad guys did

Qualifications: Instructor Qualifications