#YYJ, the navigation aid on Saltspring Island

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Twitter often uses airport codes as hashtags in municipal areas to build community, however the misuse of these codes can lead to technically incorrect results. Take for example Victoria, BC, one of the busiest twitter communities in Canada. I believe it started with a discussion between my friend Jen Crosby (now in #CYEG) several years ago, at least until pointed out by my friend Mike about a week ago; the challenge is that YYJ is a navigation aid on Salt Spring island. I've found out he, as usual, is correct and that for a few years, those of us who've been using #YYJ are indeed referencing an aid not even on the same island as us:

YYJ - VOR signal on 113.7 MHz. DME signal on channel 84X. Located on Mount Tuam, Salt Spring island

So then I thought we should be using #CYYJ, which is Victoria International Airport up by Sydney; but then I realized we have one of the most amazing airports out there, right downtown Victoria, in the harbour; #CYWH. Shouldn't we be using this to represent our amazing community?  Is it possible we start using #CYWH as the official twitter hashtag for Victoria, or is the incorrect usage of #YYJ so established that we'll never be able to make the switch?

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