Cask night!

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A cask is essentially the freshest you can ever have beer. Instead of injecting it with CO2, the cask is tapped, and gravity fed. This means that the beer will be less carbonated than you're used too, but it also means that it's fresh! The disadvantage of a cask is that because it's not a closed system, the beer will last less than 24 hours, so it has to be consumed in one session.

While the cask events are becoming more and more frequent in the 250 area code, this evening is the first time I'm aware of for those of us that chase any opportunity for a cask, that there is a double booking!

At 4:30pm, my friend Dustin Sepkowski will be tapping a Red Racer IPA cask at the Liquor Plus store on Douglas avenue.

Then from 5-8p.m, Clive's Classic lounge will be hosting their 10th CSKAWAY event, where a Peppermint Porter cask will be tapped from Gulf Island brewery (often mistakenly referred to as SaltSpring brewery).

Let's continue to support these cask events, to encourage more of them in the community. Let's enjoy beer at it's freshest!






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