Victoria’s school district 61 going to teach that the world is flat?

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I just read an article at Scientific Victoria that suggests there is actually a debate as to whether or not Wi-Fi in school systems is dangerous. Even scarier is that the current tally for the presentations to date is twelve to two against Wi-Fi?

Keep in mind there is no credible scientific evidence showing such dangers; in fact the Government of Canada, Health Canada and the World Health Organization have all said there is no evidence of danger.

As critical thinkers, we wouldn't allow our students to be taught creationism, or that the world is flat, so why would be ban Wi-Fi from the public school system?

Perhaps you're interested in submitting a presentation to the school board Wi-Fi committee on February 28th? It's not too late to sprinkle some critical thinking and logic into the debate. Although the official district website says the deadline is in January, it is in fact February 14th.  Perhaps this could be used as as evidence to the committee that you shouldn't trust any non-verified evidence you read.

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