Ready to challenge yourself?

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A few friends and I have been working through self imposed self-development processes. Weekly we challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone to learn more about ourselves and each other. The results have been very rewarding internally.  I think the more difficult the challenge is, the better you feel afterwards. The most recent challenge is this, and I pass it on to you:

Pick a friend you've never really had a good one-to-one with. Invite them out for a drink/bite to eat, and get to know them, find out something (the most) interesting they do, that you didn't know they did. The next challenge is to give that interesting thing a try, whether or not you've done it before.

So last night I met with my new friend Carol-Lynne; when I asked her what the most interesting thing she does it, she stated immediately, "I like to meet strangers and make them feel awesome". What an amazing and motivational thing for one to do! Now the ball is in my court, I have to meet a stranger myself, and somehow make them feel awesome.

Let me know if you try this challenge, I'd love to read what other interesting things people in the community are up to and how you faced the challenge!

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