Victoria’s Makerspace

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Victoria's makerspace is a community based tool collective. A group of us have put our cool tools all in one location, so you get the benefit of using other people's tools, not just your own. This has also allowed us to pitch in to group buys for things one wouldn't normally buy on their own, like a laser cutter. I've talked about the makerspace on my personal blog, but this is a project that everyone in Victoria should be aware of. You can see a list of their tools, which includes a Makerbot, which is a 3D printer and my personal all-grain beer brewing equipment if you want to make beer from scratch.

You really need to just go and see the space, to get an idea of things you might learn, make and build. This week-end we're having an open house, which includes making cider! Simply show up this Saturday at 10a.m. with an open mind and an eagerness to learn and participate!

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