Passing the first stage of hypnagogia with a snl machine?

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Reading about hypnagogia (the state of falling asleep), according to Mavromatis (The Head Trip p.29) the four stages are:

  1. Flashes of light and colour
  2. Floating, drifting,faces, nature scenes
  3. Auto-symbolic phenomena
  4. Hypnagogic dreams

As I've done a little hacking of Mitch Altman's sound and light (snl) machine, the brain machine, for the community experience, I notice that the routine is only ~14 minutes long. This time is filled with an almost sensory overload of light and colour  It makes me wonder if the sequence was extended to 30, or even 60 minutes, would one move into the next states of hypnagogia?

While I plan on testing this for myself, has anyone else done this (or why I should not?) Or are you aware of why it will or not will move you into the next stages?

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