How well do you sleep?

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I've been curious for a while about my sleeping habits, as an entrepreneur on my own schedule, I don't use an alarm clock unless I have to. As a result, my sleeping schedule varies regularly, most recently moving into polyphasic sleeping patterns (sleeping more than 2 times per day, but for short periods).

When I mentioned this, my friend Derek offered me his bedsize zeo sleep manager. I'm really excited to see the results over the next month. You wear a headband when you sleep, and it logs 4 states of consciousness while you wear it; awake, REM sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep. I decided to go to bed early and read, eager to see the results:

Zeo sleep screenshot

However I was so excited I couldn't sleep, so I started reading around 9pm, and it wasn't until ~2am when I finally fell asleep as you can see by the first 5 hours showing me as awake. Tonight when I try it, I will not put it on while reading.

It's interesting to see I was only in a deep sleep for 44 minutes all night, and that I awoke briefly for 8 minutes around 8am. The top left is your zeo score, and I scored a 97. It will be more useful to see after a week or two what my averages are, as it will matter if I've had caffeine or alcohol, what times I usually get to sleep, how physical or emotionally draining my day was etc. I don't plan on posting any more of this data as it's for my own knowledge, I just wanted to share this device as I'd never heard of it.

If you're less paranoid than I am, you can also sign up for a my zeo account with them and they will put your data into way prettier graphs, and give you custom lifestyle suggestions and advice to optimize your sleeping schedule.

We seem to spend a lot of time thinking about our physical muscles and health, but little about our mental muscles and health, which work very similarly. If you don't regularly exercise (and let rest!) your mental muscles, you will lose them!



I'm getting several people asking me if it's available for rent. If I can get enough people in the Victoria area willing to commit $35 to rent one for a month, I'll buy one just to rent out. Let me know if you're willing to commit to that!

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