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Random acts of pizza

June 08, 2011 | less than 1 minute read

Just in case you're losing faith in humanity, there's a subreddit to bring it all back. Random acts of pizza is for those that have fallen on hard times, as ...

Missing Vishnu Veil

June 06, 2011 | less than 1 minute read

This is my favourite loop I've created thus far. If you put it on loop, you can (and I have) listened to it for hours. Let me know what you think! </embed...

Western Canada in a picture

June 06, 2011 | less than 1 minute read

I managed to take this picture yesterday on Mayne island. I think it summarizes Western Canada quite well.  

Shared co-working space

June 02, 2011 | 1 minute read

A group of us from the Victoria - Ideas meetings have been talking for some time about getting a shared co-working space in Victoria. It is intended for thos...