Squashing science

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As I'm reading Euclid's Window, it talks a lot about how throughout history, religion based oppressors have tried to silence science.  I can't imagine a world where we still don't have a vaccine for polio, or think the world is flat. At least, I thought, society is sufficiently advanced enough that such can't happen again, but then I look at the current Canadian government and my mind boggles.

Having a federal Minister of science that is a self-described Christian is an obvious conflict, that will have far reaching implications in our future as a progressive society. You don't have to look far to find examples of this, the most recent today when the Ottawa Citizen published the fact that the Privy Council Office, which supports the Prime Minister's Office, stopped Kristi Miller from talking about one of the most significant discoveries to come out of a federal fisheries lab in years.

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