Join Vancouver’s newest busking band.

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Did you know the Vancouver public library rents instruments? While checking out their renovated top two floors and rooftop patio, I decided to challenge myself and took home a 1/4 violin.

After talking to my friend Claire, regaling her with my story of how I'm learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Thanks Chantal!), we've decided to start a busking band. Claire is going to take out an instrument she's never played, and learn Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as well, and within 2 weeks, we plan on busking in Vancouver with our new found talent (we hope).

We've decided to open the call out, as we could use some more people in our band, especially some percussion. So if you're down for the challenge and also not very musically inclined, let us know, and take out an instrument you've never played, and join us on our busking adventure.

Before returning the instruments, we'll try to find a slot to get into the VPL's inspiration lab so we can record our collaboration and have the memory live in permanence forever.

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