Thoughts on Initiative Q

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I responded to an influencer I know who is sharing links to Initiative Q. He's an NDPer, so I empathize. Seriously though, he's a math genius whom I respect, so I'm confused by the share. My response:

Do you know more than I do here? I see no white paper. I see no evidence this is not an MLM/scam.

Has everyone read their privacy policy who is giving them their browser info and email address and name? They share your personal information with "Business Partners, Service Providers, Affiliates, and Subcontractors" without identifying them, which is not GDPR compliant.
"In certain circumstances you have a right to have Personal Data that we hold about you deleted." is not compliant with Canadian privacy law.

Maybe this is just an exercise in stealing personal information from [victims] who don't read terms of service and privacy policies?

I hope no one I care about falls for this.

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