Job Jar is looking for alpha testers

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In the software development lifecycle, the alpha stage is when you have your minimal viable product (MVP) and are ready for testing. This means things will likely not work, and you will find bugs. If you like the idea of the project, it is very valuable to the development team to get feedback of these bugs, so they can be fixed before the site officially goes live. If you've read this far, I'm excited to announce that one of my pet projects, is at the alpha stage and looking for friends and colleagues to try the site out.

The site is called Job Jar and the goal of the site is to be like ebay for services. Say for example you're looking to move from Victoria to Nanaimo, and could use a hand. Instead of spending your time calling/asking around, simply post your job, and put the job's URL out to your social networks. Ideally your friends will down bid each other, as well as local businesses, so you can choose the most cost effective solution for your job. The initial job categories are Yard Waste, Misc, Helping Hand, Construction, Delivery/Pickup, Transportation, Pets and Automotive, although I expect this list to be added to and edited based on demand. Initially the scope is Victoria area only, with the next phase to start scaling out using geographic information systems (GIS).

There are many practical jobs you can use the site for, such as having someone do your dishes or laundry, take your car for its oil change, pick you up in a rickshaw from the pub and take you home. You can also use the site for more frivolous jobs, like to simply having someone pick you up a pack of Twizzlers and a pop as you're feeling too lazy to walk to the store.

Interested in trying it out? All I ask is you commit to emailing me any bugs you find, as well as giving me some feature request ideas for the next stage! Create an account and try it out!



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