Centre of the Universe is quietly being closed?

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It is being alleged on social media that the Astronomy interpretive centre known in Victoria at the Centre of the Universe is being closed at the centre of the universe. What is more troubling, is apparently there is a gag order for all staff from discussing it. From social media:

For those who don't know, the Centre of the Universe (the Astronomy/science outreach facility in Victoria) is being closed by the NRC at the end of the summer. Now, I know that in these hard, economic times, sacrifices must be made. Nevertheless, I am disappointed with this decision. I think public outreach, particularly with children, is very important for science. But the closure is not the reason for my rant. I am ranting because NRC has mandated that the CU cannot speak to any media outlet about the closure! As such, the good people of Victoria will not know of the impending closure and won't be able to visit before the CU's time is up. Plus, by announcing the closure there is a chance that other sources of funding (private or otherwise) could be found. But no. This government has mandated that a public outreach facility cannot talk to the media about how it is being shut down! There are other places in this world that impose these kinds of media blackouts, and I am appalled that Canada has become one of these places. So I am ranting to all of you. Hopefully you all rant too. Because if we all make these kind of actions and restrictions known, perhaps something can be done.


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