Get out and vote!

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I just completed a short rant to a few friends on Facebook who were claiming inaction to voting is an action, or they were pleading ignorance to even knowing who is running in the current election. The slightly edited version:

People kill for the right; several countries this year alone (google: arab spring) were overthrown, simply for the right to vote. If you think you're so damned busy you won't spend the time to understand how your local government works, you suck. Seriously, you suck.
Inaction is not an action; there is no way to discern you from those that are too lazy and self-absorbed to appreciate the opportunity. Sadly, perhaps it should be a legal requirement to vote.
In only one generation, Canada has moved from a peace keeping nation on the global scale, to quickly positioning itself as an American puppet and police state, because of the those who didn't/don't vote or prefer ignorance. And that's federal; municipal politics affect you the most, in your day-to-day operations.
Take pride in yourself, and your country, damn it.

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