Fix your website, please.

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I'm not nearly as passionate about your website as you are. When I go to your website, I'm looking for only two things:

consciously: I'm looking for content. Make the content I'm looking for as easy to find as possible!

For example, maybe I'm trying to contact you. How hard is it for me to contact you from your website? Filling out a form that may or may not get to you, does not make me feel comfortable.

If your website has a splash screen, it means you're so egotistical you're going to make me work even more to get to your content, such as clicking on a splash screen logo or "skip intro". If you run a web analytics engine like Piwik, you will realize everyone clicks skip intro, so remove it already.

If your website has anything pop up, or under my browser, I add it to my blacklist file and will never visit it again.

Spend some time on Piwik, seeing what content your website visitors are looking for, and make it as easy as you can for them to get to it!


sub-consciously: It just has to work. For example, does your website work in my browser? If you're not W3 compliant (enter your website, make sure it has no errors!), you're losing viewers.

Also, your website should be pretty enough that I don't think why is this website so ugly? and want to send it to my friends about how ugly it is. Anything prettier than that means you've got disposable income.


These few steps can make the difference between an interested person bookmarking your website, or never going back to it.

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