Does your vote count?

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There are a lot of reasons to not be happy with the current political system, as I've mentioned, I  believe that electoral reform should be the main concern of every voting Canadian right now, if we want real, effective change, as most people seem to be voting for the candidate or party they dislike the least.

I also want to mention that not voting means you're giving up your right to complain about anything politically related in this country. If you vote, you can complain as much as you wish :)

I just read this quote from a friend on Facebook, and just had to share:

Out of 23.6 million electors in the last election, only 5.2 million voted for Harper's Conservatives. That's 22% of eligible voters, and 16.2% of the total population. There are 5.65 million Canadians aged 18-29. In the past, this age group has voted so little that politicians don't bother with them. If all of Canada's youth voted, they would rock the whole political system! - Geoff de Ruiter

I don't ask much of you, but I ask two things of you before May 3rd:

  1. Vote
  2. Don't vote for the Harper government. I don't want to live in the police state they've committed to bring into power within 100 days of being re-elected.

Advanced polling stations are open, go vote!

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