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Last night Vancouver's Data Driven Wellness meetup met on the topic of Emotional Intelligence.

These are my notes, mostly books and URLs that were mentioned that I thought we would want for reference:

Kris' best book read in 2016 on the issue: Attached

Tyler’s best 3 books of 2016:

Emotional Intelligence 2.0
self management
self awareness
social awareness
social management

Caroline Web - How to have a Good Day
Behavioural economics

Daily Stoic
more philosophical

5 love languages
Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time & Receiving Gifts

Dan Savage

Integral Theory - Ken Wilbur

Universe of Emotions app

Start a spreadsheet and measure quickly each day: Family, Friends, Fitness, Sleep, Finance, Mood, Gratitude etc.


HRV - Heart Rate Variability

sit with triggers, realize you’re OK and comfortable with it

The 5 whys - Toyota Way

Byron Katie - 4 questions

The minimalists podcast (and documentary) - does it add value to me
it’s amazing how much you have that doesn’t add any value to your life

Jim Rohn - You’re the product of the 5 people you hang out with the most

Marie Kondo - Spark Joy (minimalism)

perception of truth
ask for feedback to see if you’re emotional intelligent!

I grew up thinking everything is black or white - when it turns out to be mostly grey

giving makes you happier; selfish vs selfless

What areas are you selfless - relationships, work, social
gratitude - fake it until you make it, you become really attractive
abundance - scarcity mindset - time, money, partners, business

Tyler - I walk and read at lunch

Ideas for next meetup:

John: Fitness. Healthy Eating. Track your body/wellness. Genetics.
Ivan: What to do with Quantified Self data
Leo: Social Awareness - How other’s emotions affects us - Find a way to channel it more positively
Tyler: Quantified Self. Ways of applying the things we’re talking about - perhaps accountability partner system.
Jennifer: The more tech we have, the less connected we become as human beings. No one wants to talk to the other.

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