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I've heard of trademark and copyright infringement cases, but the winner has to be Actua's Makermobile. The Government of Canada has apparently funded this cross country adventure with General Electric, Toyota, and Google, all appearing to be willing participants in what appears to be the most clear cut case of stealing another idea I've ever seen. They are currently in Vancouver, where the original, +3 three year old Makermobile exists. I'm not associated with the original Makermobile, but I speculate this is a grassroots community project that now finds its brand being circumvented by the government and large corporations who have either done their due diligence and decided to proceed anyway, or they did not do a basic Google search to discover the originator of the exact concept, including brand name with the exact same spelling.

This seems like a David vs Goliath type story; I hope someone from the Government of Canada, GE, Toyota, or Google reaches out to the original team and makes things right.
I've started a thread on Reddit , what do you think should be done?

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