Do Work Get Equity

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Working just for money doesn’t retain workers, and working just for money isn’t satisfying.

There are many reasons we want to work, other than just the financial benefits. What retains our interest is passion, learning, impact, solving a problem, networking, resume building, and upskilling.

I’m imagining a job & gig board that exchanges work for equity in a company. If/When you’re priveleged enough to work for reasons other than money, you likely want to be a stakeholder in what you’re working on, so you get a piece of the upside.

This could be for small gig jobs like designing a logo, or help with some bookkeeping issues, to full-time job/co-founder type roles.

Do Passionate Work. Get Equity.

A sample board might be something like this where you could apply for any gig listed:

To be solved for:

  • Ensuring compliance with labour laws and securities regulations (ie +50 shareholder laws)
  • Reasonable due diligence on companies and workers (minimizing risk, and improving success rates for both)
  • Expectaton of conversion to fiat (company projecting timelines toward an exit?)

Would you participate in a work for equity solution such as this one? I would love your feedback if your answer is either a “yes”, or “not unless…” – if you’re a hard no, thanks for reading this far.

Please provide me your name and contact information if you’re OK with me following up with you on this. I will reach out as I’m actively working on this and want to make it useful to you as a gig worker or company director.

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