Banning religious fundamentalists from health care

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There seems to be a growing group of religious fundamentalists who insist that prayer is the ultimate path to healing. I find this a mind boggling belief system, considering the scientific advances over the last 100 years. Don't get me wrong, the power of suggestion is a powerful force, but it doesn't make miracles happen. As atheists love to proclaim, "prayer never brought back a missing limb". So if your belief system seriously wants to help the health and longevity of others, should it not be better spent on funding and supporting scientific research and the health care system? The people who have removed polio as an issue, and are aggressively working towards cures for cancer and aids?

Imagine that health care workers got sick of the lack of respect from the religious for their chosen career path, and outright banned the fundamental religious from health care? I mean, you're outwardly going to protest science in the name of religion, why on earth do you feel the right to use the health care system, or even take that next ibuprofen? Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

If you as a fundamentalist truly believed your position, stop going to the doctors, hospitals or even going to the drug store, and see how far you get on prayer alone. But if you realize and want to benefit from these scientific advances, perhaps we can think about how we can support them even more, to help even more people.

Lucky for the fundamental religious, and all of us, the health care industry have the Hippocratic oath requiring medicinal professionals to practice their profession ethically; not dependant on personal beliefs or history, so that no person, even the religious, are to be left behind.

If only the religious were so tolerant with science.


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