Liar, Lyre: Why You Can No Longer Trust Anything You Hear

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So, we've hit an interesting point in society. As of now, you can no longer trust the audio you hear from a phone call, an interview, or even a real-time conversation.

There is an interesting technology solution that is now available to the general public which can effectively mimic the voice of anyone. You can see this technology for yourself at

What you do is copy one minute from any person's voice and Lyrebird will take that sample and build a unique "voice DNA". From that sample, you can then construct any message you want, based on that person's actual voice. You type a message and the voice that you uploaded says all the things you're telling it to say.

They have a pretty funny demo on the website where you can hear samples of "conversations" from Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and (of course) Donald Trump.

So, from now on, whenever you hear a telephone call or anything you hear online, know that we are now in an era where you can no longer trust the human voice as being the authentic human voice that you think it is.

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