What do you do that is interesting?

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Since watching Christopher Bowers 2010 IdeaWave talk, I've tried to stop saying the standard hello/how are you if it's more than in passing, hoping to get some meaningful conversation. Last night was one of my favorites, as I asked my friend Katie who I'd not seen in some time my current favourite greeting, "Other than what you do at work, what's the most interesting thing you've been up to lately?" I asked. After the standard confused look of that's-not-a-how-are-you, she replied, "Nothing". "That can't be true, surely you've done something interesting lately, anything?" "Nope, nothing" she again replied after pondering a few moments, "Well, I started Victoria street soccer" "that sounds interesting, a recreational soccer club?" "No, it's soccer for the entire community, including street people and the homeless." This is amazing to me! Having been on the board of the largest poverty advocacy organization, TAPS, for the last 4 years, poverty is an issue I'm keen on reducing. How could you not be excited about such an exciting thing? I know I am!

Games will be every Sunday, 3:30 p.m. at George Jay (at Cook and Princess)
If you'd like to participate, check out the Victoria street soccer webpage and/or the Facebook group.

What will you say the next time someone asks you, what have you done lately that is interesting?


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