Victoria co-working space

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Over the years, we've seen several co-working spaces come and go. We've not seen a model yet that we thought would survive, even from the beginning. Over 2 years of planning, which started with the Ideas - Victoria group, we've been slowly building a model that not only do we think would sustain, but one that many of our members would want to participate in. Here is how we see it happening:

  • Needs to accessible to down-town Victoria by walking or bicycle
  • $400/month all inclusive (this gets you a regular desk, day in and day out, with broadband internet access; utilities, lease, insurance)
  • You pay 6 months up front, with a 2 year lease commitment
  • Access to regular learning and mentor sessions with industry experts
  • A vetting system -- all members should offer complementary services
It appears as though I've found a space, and a landlord who understands our needs and is willing to work with us to meet these goals. If you or anyone you know would be interested in a space like this, please have them contact Kris at [email protected].


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