Vancouver Vending Machine Circuit

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If you're looking for something unusual to do while in Vancouver, consider a photography challenge - each of the unique machines found in the Vancouver vending machine circuit.

The first vending machine can be found inside the Vancouver Hack Space, and contains just what you'd expect of a hacker maintained vending machine. Micrcontrollers, ramen, EL wire, t-shirts, batteries, electronics, and various snacks. Note: You need a member on site to be able to enter. You can find out if someone is there by checking

The second vending machine sells crack pipes for 25 cents in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). This is intended both for harm reduction, increasing access to inhalation supplies, but is also intended to devalue pipes sold elsewhere.

The third vending machine in the circuit offers marijuana, but you will need a membership with the BC Pain Society to use it.

The fourth machine is the most popular, the World's first Bitcoin ATM, and it can be found in the Waves coffee shop at 900 Howe Street.

The fifth vending machine is located at North Shore Studios, and contains gear and equipment (GAK) typical of those in the industry, such as batteries, iPhone charger, duct tape, or a green laser pen.

The sixth vending machine is an old school vending machine that was recently hacked to take bitcoin. It can be found at Decentral Vancouver.

If you're aware of any other vending machines in the region that host unusual items, let me know.

While the competition is not active yet, I've already been approached by the media for more details, and this post has been really popular, so there is interest, and I think I should make it a lot harder to complete a visit to each of these. You should not visit any of these machines without proper permission from the property owners, as they are all on private property.

The current plan is to challenge readers to get a photo of all of the vending machines, send a link to me and I'll send them information on how to purchase a t-shirt only available to those who've completed the circuit. Do you have a better idea? Let me know!

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