Fruits and vegetables in Vancouver

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I was wondering where to buy my fruits and vegetables in Vancouver, and I realize knowing where is cheaper at any given time is a problem that is still not solved. To get an idea of where the cheapest, local, fruits and vegetables are at any given moment would be best found by crowd sourcing, I figure. Instead of just writing an app that does this for us, I decided to first see if people are willing to enter this information in when they're at the grocery store. I've created a Google speadsheet which you can edit. If I find that it's updated regularly by people like you, I'll turn it into an app that can make our grocery shopping choices even simpler!

[caption id="attachment_488" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Fruits & Vegetables from the USA as of Sept 15, 2014 Fruits & Vegetables from the USA as of Sept 15, 2014[/caption]


UPDATE September 23rd: I have amalgamated the various origin sheets into one master sheet, and created an origin column.

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