Use social media as you want to

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I see a lot of  unsolicited directions on how to use social media contextually; don't be negative with social media! Don't auto-DM! Give original credit when you retweet!

I don't agree with this. If you're never being negative, you're being fake. Also, under what conditions do you feel you have the right to tell a stranger to be social in real life? Why is the online world different?

I don't mind people who auto direct-message, as they reveal themselves early as someone I should unfollow. My brain space is limited, so the more people who use twitter, or any social media, in ways I don't like, I don't follow them. Simple!

Let people use the tools as they wish, they'll learn quickly what works and what doesn't.

It was brought to my attention a few days ago that some of those with the highest klout/reputations in social media seem to be the biggest dividers; they try to enforce rules around usage, and build cliques. They are sometimes not as social in real life, either. Remember, a leader is someone who is always connecting others and building bridges, online and off. You can't please everyone, so don't try to; simply be yourself.

Things change a little when you use social media in a work context, in which case you should have a strategy. Should you even be on twitter? Maybe not. If you determine you should, what are your goals there, and how do you audit your usage to determine if you are achieving those goals? If your target market (customers) are talking about you, great. If not, perhaps it's time to try something else.

No one mandated how you should act on the playground in school, just as no one controls how you act using digital social media, so do what feels comfortable to you, and see how well that method works for you!

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