Shared co-working space

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A group of us from the Victoria - Ideas meetings have been talking for some time about getting a shared co-working space in Victoria. It is intended for those who work from home, who would like to have a different physical space to go to during the work day, to keep a work/life separation. It needs to be:

  • cost effective - We're trying to keep costs to approximately $200/month/person. This would get you a cubicle type space and a network drop to really fast internet (which you can also use for phone).
  • downtown - Most of us live, work, and play in the downtown core. We try to walk or bike everywhere.

That's it! If you're willing to commit to $200/month for this type of thing, please comment below, so I have a good idea of numbers. If we're really lucky, we'll also find a space large enough, and appropriately zoned, for the Victoria Makerspace which is a shared tool collective. It's currently located outside of downtown and we want to bring it in if possible.

I will be actively seeing locations over the next week or two. The benefit of a shared co-working space is having other like-minded people to bounce ideas off of when you're stuck, and build a strong entrepreneurial community. While I was only approaching the tech and entrepreneur community initially, after talking with my friend Missie, she mentioned that artists would be interested in such a space. Perhaps such a space would work for you as well? Let me know!


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