Parking Day - Victoria

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Last September I caught wind that there was going to a Parking day in Victoria, BC; so I applied for a parking spot and my application was accepted. As you might be aware, I'm an avid lawn bowler and am currently past-president of the Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club, so I decided to convert a single parking space downtown to my own personal lawn bowling lawn, complete with lawn chairs, umbrella and ornamental plants along the side. It was a great afternoon answering questions, showing people how to lawn bowl, engaging with the community and even posing for several pictures:


Kris lawn bowling downtown Victoria on parking day Photo from @danipope of @MondayMag

If you could use a downtown parking spot for a day, what would you do with it? I was just contacted by the city to ask if I want to do it again, so they're actively gauging interest. Keep your eyes on the Parking Day - Victoria website at so you can book yours!


Lawn bowling in Victoria Photograph by: Darren Stone,

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