Looking for cheap flights?

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If you frequently travel, that likely means you also frequently try to find the best flight deals. I often use Matrix, or Hipmunk when looking for cheap flights. While these sites have computers aggregating from many different sources, I just came across Flightfox, a website where you offer a commission (minimum $19) to create a contest for humans to find you the best flight deal!

If you think you can find a better deal than your peers, take a look at their existing contests and suggest a better deal! Here's an example of someone who made $500 finding the cheapest trip across 6 continents.


UPDATE: July 12th, my friend Yvonne provided me a link to Google flights, check out the intro video.

UPDATE: September 14th: A reddit thread also mentioned FareCompare and SkyScanner

UPDATE: September 24th: The reddit travel sidebar thread

UPDATE: Nov 2, 2018: Skiplagged (Thanks Laura F!)

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