Isn’t blaming the weapon a little premature?

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I just read the Victoria Police Department's press release regarding the attempted murder of Cst. Lane Douglas-Hunt yesterday. It makes me angry, frustrated, scared and sad at the same time. What is happening with society? What would cause a citizen to attack a police officer in a fashion that appears to be random? So many unanswered questions.

To me, it immediately hits home the seriousness of mental illness, and how little is spent on research and understanding in Western society.

But then I read the last paragraph,

"This incident is a grim reminder of the dangers of knives. More homicides are committed by edged weapons rather than firearms. We encounter knives on a constant basis on the street. Almost everyone is carrying one and we seize them from individuals from all segments of society."

and left me thinking wtf? Please remove this sentence, it doesn't belong here. What critically thinking human has deduced that the weapon deserves any attention in this story? Unless the incident occurred simply because of the prevalence of knives in current society, of which I highly doubt, what relevance does the weapon have? From the way the story was presented, and all evidence published thus far, any weapon could have been used, it has no relevance.

Also, when did the Victoria Police Department do statistical research that "almost everyone is carrying one"? I have a very hard time believing that. Even if it is true, of which I'd need to see evidence which I challenge couldn't possibly exist, we as a society often wear belts as well, and they could be used in street violence. Shouldn't we be focused on the why, as opposed to the what?

The same could be said for the tragic Tucson shooting in the United States lately. Although I'm surprised, and impressed, that the debate there has already shifted from a firearms debate, to ask eachother: what is happening in society to lead an individual to do such a thing?

It's also interesting to note the comment indirectly states most homicides are not committed by firearms, yet they seem to be the primary focus and most financially invested series of weapons regulated in Canadian society.

While our hearts and minds are with the victim and her family, and the courageous efforts of police officers in their daily operations, let's focus on these as well as the root of the issue and avoid speculation not backed by evidence.

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