If only there was a United Way to contact them…

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For three years I've heard an advertisement by the United Way on the radio in Victoria, BC. It claims that they help one in every three people in Victoria. That's a pretty impressive claim. Where I became suspicious, is that they seem to make the same claim in other cities across the country, and have the exact same statistic every year. For three years in a row, I've contacted them and asked to view their source; where they get that statistic from? For three years in a row, they've declined to respond to me. I'm not sure why they're being so secretive, but if they're making the number up, I respectfully request they remove that specific ad campaign.

If you know anyone who works at/with the United Way that could provide me with their data source, I would would really appreciate it. Without it, I'm having a really hard time trusting their claim, or their organization in general for not being transparent to the claims they are publicly making. I will disclose here any updates I get on this issue.

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