Government liquor stores (LDB) in British Columbia

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This map of government liquor stores in British Columbia was originally posted to on May 18, 2012.

After publishing a list of wineries in B.C, as well as the private liquor stores, I made a request to open DataBC for a list of government liquor stores, which they've just provided. I believe this might be the first successful request of data from DataBC. As a result of receiving this data, I've created this for your alcohol searching pleasure:

This information is provided by the Province of British Columbia under the Open Government License for Government of BC Information v.BC1.0

If you're wondering what your options are once you're there, here is the BC Liquor Store product Price list.

If you're interested in all things fermented and distilled, here are a couple Facebook groups that might be of interest, one is for those in Victoria and the other for those in Vancouver.

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