Getting Thunderbird to Inbox Zero plugin

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idea: I would love to help with this, if there are any developers who have the chops. I want a Thunderbird email plugin that at some (setting driven) interval takes a random old email in your Inbox and brings it to the top of your Inbox, with the goal of getting you to Inbox 0. Say for example 5 old emails, from random dates, are brought to the top. Most are likely not relevant any more so can be deleted or archived.

Thunderbird Inbox Zero Plugin Idea: Thunderbird Inbox Zero Plugin

Even more advanced it would dynamically choose the number to bring to the top based on how many emails are in your Inbox, and how many it detects you process per day.

Any other suggestions for Thunderbird email users that are privacy conscious to get to Inbox zero, I would love to hear your suggestions!


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