Creative Shirt

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You’ve found me and my new creative shirt! We’re likely at SXSW or together!

I like to talk about entrepreneurship, and the future of technnology and human interaction.

nostr, privacy, identity, security, voting.

  • customer discovery
  • attention economy
  • emotional intelligence
  • the creator and creative economy
  • food & drink excellence
  • the future of work
  • geo-politics
  • global macro economics

Let’s collaborate on:

My business projects:

  • ID VPN a privacy centric identity platform where you’re in control of your identity, and de-risks you from data breaches while maintaining legal compliance
  • TokenOcean a white-label NFT marketplace platform that’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world using layer 2 bitcoin,
  • a stealth project for influencers where you control your portal, set your own community guidlines, and can accept payments as NFT tickets or tips in real time with no American payment rails
  • ConfidenCEO - A full service agency for startups and entrepreneurs, advising startups for over a decade
  • PrivaSecTech - A +10 year old privacy & security consulting agency offering fractional leadership roles
  • One Day Website - The technical rails for optimizing your online presence

Topics I’ve recently written on:



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