CPR Partners desk for sale

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I'm selling my (Canadian Pacific Railway) CPR Partners desk. It's the nicest desk I've ever owned, I refinished it myself. It is from pre-World War I (approx 1910), and made of solid American and English Oak. As my new condo is less than 500sq ft, there's no room for such a massive desk. The desk is 5' square, it's essentially two desks in one (it's identical on each side) and likely needs it's own dedicated room. If we're friends, I'm willing to loan it to you until some day when I have a larger place again and have space for it (which may be never). For anyone reading this, I'm selling the desk for $500 $400. If we're friends and you're interested in a long-term loan until I can find a dedicated room for this beast, that also works, as I'd be sad to see it go!

CP Partners desk CP Partners desk


The top is one large single piece, and each of the sides are single pieces as well. It is currently located downtown Victoria, British Columbia.

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