Black Tie Dinner III

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Exactly one year since the last one, it's time for Black Tie Dinner III! If you've never heard about black tie dinner, click here. This time we're taking over the food court on the top floor of the Bay Centre. What do you have to do if you're interested?

  • Join us on the Facebook event page
  • Wear your finest dining attire! (Black tie/tux/suit & formal dresses)
  • Bring along your own china and nineteenth century cutlery, as well as a table cloth and formal napkins (fine dining place setting)
  • After you order your food, casually grab the next empty table, place your table cloth on it and set the table. Remove your food from it’s packages, and place it on your china plate. Remove all evidence of commercial packaging, so any pictures look like we’re in a fine dining establishment.

Let's see how much of the food court we can fill up! If you take any pictures or videos, post them on the Facebook wall or email kris at and I'll post them here!

[caption id="attachment_1018" align="aligncenter" width="300"]from the first black tie dinner at McDonalds on Pandora from the first black tie dinner at McDonalds on Pandora[/caption]


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