ASC in Vancouver

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UPDATE! As we're still receiving $50 entries from people wanting to be awesomites, we're moving the event to January 28th, 2015. The call for submissions is now open. Please read THIS UPDATE.


What is ASC? It's a mini-Dragon's Den style event, where we pay you a pot of cash if you have the most awesome idea. In 2012, we gave away over $6,000 in cash, no strings attached.

If I told you right now to spend the next 10 minutes writing down something awesome you would do if I gave you $500 - $2,000 with no strings attached, would you do it? Well you should, that's what I'm offering right now.
Email [email protected] your 200 word submission by Friday November 14th at midnight. The top 10 finalists will be notified by Monday, November 17th; if you're not contacted, thanks for playing and try again at the next event!

There are three types of people that attend.

Awesomites: This is limited to 20 seats, and costs $50, of which 100% of your money goes to the winning pot of cash. As an event judge, you will give thumbs up or thumbs down to each idea.
Awesomers: Someone who submits an idea they'd be willing to present within 5 minutes at the event. Only the top 10 submissions (as judged by the awesomites) will be invited to the event to pitch. All it takes is a 200 word submission on your idea, so if you're not an awesomite, you should do this right now! There are no subject limits on ideas. It could be a business or project idea, or anything really. We've had submissions for someone who would use the cash to tune their saxophone, to funding needed to launch what is now an international festival in its 5th year, as as result of receiving their initial funding from us.
Attendees: It costs $10 to attend the event. This is your way of supporting further ASC events, as well as community building and entrepreneurial ventures.


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