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While often we’ve heard about artificial intelligence or AI, which is the idea of technology being used to mimic or surpass human behaviour, it relies on various subsets of technological advancement such as machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, natural language proceessing, and deep learning.

As of writing this, these areas are all advancing fairly rapidly. The intention of this article is to share some of the interesting projects you may want to experiment with, I’ll prioritize with free and open source examples where possible.


Google’s Tensorflow has several demos


Stable Diffusion free demo (github link for developers)

NightCafe - free demo

Pixray - free demo

Starry.AI - requires sign in

Dream by Wombo - free demo

Midjourney.AI has a free demo if you join their discord server

Perhaps the most popular, Dalle-e-2 requires you sign up for their wait list

Voice: has a free plan with over 2,000 voices which includes API access if you’re a software developer has a free demo with 8 voices where you can transform 20 seconds of your voice in near real-time, but it is not open source

Descript’s Overdub (formerly, requires an account)


Jukebox is for software developers

AIVA requires an account and the free tier is for non-commercial

Boomy requires an account


Runway ML - free tier that requires sign up (Runway uses stable diffusion)

Image Examples

As I write this at a coffee shop, I decided to try the free image examples with a prompt of “people writing at a coffee shop” to experiment with the various levels of quality:

Wombo AI Stable Diffusion Pixray Nightcafe AI
AI examples of people writing at a coffee shop

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