Accessible Family Friendly Online Games

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With all of us at home, last March as soon as the pandemic was announced I launched with the intent on providing you a space to be online without following social, corporate, or MSM, which are mostly quite depressing. As we’re almost a year in now, I feel the more online social time we have with friends and peers the better, so I’ve started to build a list of games that are apropos for a work or family party that are easy and accessible:

  • Skribble - Online version of pictionary, doesn’t require an account
  • Gather Town - Free for up to 25 people, not really a game but a cross between a game and zoom. Has apps like Skribble embedded into it
  • Scattergories - One person screen shares this and you can all play. Requires a pen and paper at home

Not yet tried:

If you don’t mind paying, Jackbox Games was the clear winner when I solicited my network for feedback.

Not to be out done, my friend Steven has since shared his comprehensive list of online games.

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