Vancouver Sales Event Meetup

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Last night I got to attend my first Vancouver Sales Event Meetup run by my friend Erin Dalzell and hosted at Spacelist. I tried to write down as many URLs as I could pick up in this fast flowing informative meeting. Sorry for the lack of context with each one, but if you're interested you can click on each one as I will, and see how it may provide value to your needs.

Email related question:

Erin tweeted about $6-7k, but worth it if you have the scale/volume. It's the best blog about pricing on the planet. Also read their top 5 list, and their wall of shame. Don't be listed on that wall. heat map software for your website.

A good exercise for your organization, fill in a chart using these column titles:
Feature | Alternative | Advantage | Benefit

More URLs mentioned:

Interesting discussion about replacing onboarding time trails (14 days free, like Shopify) with money based ones (ala Google Adwords). The former has people not sign up, if they think it will be better to do so strategically in the future. The latter allows you to move at your own pace, no pressure.

Overall I really enjoyed the meetup, the format, and the people. It started with informal introductions, but Erin quickly got the group's attention and invited anyone to ask their sales questions. As soon as someone asked a question, no matter how silly, shy, or confusing, at least one person was eager and willing to respond. In many cases there were multiple different solutions provided for a given question. This continued for most of the evening until it quickly evolved to multiple questions being asked and answered simultaneously, at which time Erin moved us all to the pub.

I know I missed at least 5-10 URLs that were provided over the evening, if you remember any I've missed, let me know.

If you're interested in the next event, and other events in the tech startup ecosystem, check out the Vancouver Pixel Crafters meetup group.

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