The Open Source Future

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I've been thinking and discussing a lot about the open source future, and am considering an 8 episode podcast trial.

It's currently planned to be 2 parts per show. A 2-5 (less than 10 minute) high level intro to a subject. The second part ("click here for more") will go into a 30-60 minute podcast interview with myself and an expert in that area.
The running title is "The Open Source Future". Some of the subjects planned, are all on the bleeding edge of bio-tech, info sec, privacy, economics/currency, politics. The interviews will be on technical subjects, but my hope is to make them a high level intro, approachable to a greater audience. They will all be topics relevant to today and the future, and at least somewhat controversial/hot topics. (cryptocurrency, Is SSL/TLS dead, CRISPR-Cas9, electoral reform, and nootropics, as a few examples)

My questions to you:
1) Would you listen to it? (If not, why not?)
2) If no, or maybe, what could I do to make that a "oh yes, I'll listen".

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