The Community Experience

While taking MediaNet's Video lab workshop on interactive, digital media exhibits, I was offered a space to place my own work. I modified perhaps the most famous sound and light machine (SLM), which is the Brain Machine designed by my friend Mitch Altman. I made it work with four headphone and four glasses at the same time, so you can share the experience with others in the community.

Because of the intense sensory experience, you need to be in as comfortable position as possible, so I set this up in a wooden fort in the middle of the gallery, and lined the inside with shag carpet and big throw pillows so you can feel nostalgic and as relaxed as possible.

Kris at the launch of his Community Experience exhibit

Once everyone is ready, you hit the big red STOP button, which starts a 14 minute adventure where you will effectively hallucinate for the entire period simply by 2 blinking red LEDs embedded in the glasses, and by listening to binaural beats at the same time. If you're able to give up all other distractions during the time, you will likely be put into a meditative state and back out within the 14 minutes as well.

Enjoying the experience


The exhibit was very well received, with a line up the entire evening of the launch party of its inaugural exhibit which was at the Victoria Open Space gallery. If you're interested in having the community exhibit onsite at your location, please contact me.