Most of the tech listed here is free, open source, and/or can be self-hosted. Free, as I try to use or make sure software recommendations that are accessible to all, open source as I believe software should be auditable to ensure there are no backdoors or security flaws, and self-hosted also for privacy & security reasons. I definitely don’t recommend using American or Australian tech services, and try to avoid proprietary software where possible.

The software listed below is not necessarily software I endorse, just software I find interesting, or may want to have to reference for myself at a later date.

  • stingle - Gallery/Camera application with Backup and Sync functionality for your photos and videos which seamlessly provides strong security, privacy and encryption.
  • scrcpy - Control Android devices from USB or TCP/IP
  • Gadgetbridge - Quantified Self software with a list of wearables that don’t send your personal health data to a foreign company/country.
  • GoAccess real-time web log analyzer that runs in a terminal
  • mozilla TTS (text to speech)
  • leantime: open source project management system
  • Protonmail Apps
  • Seatable - An Airtable clone - Spreadsheet meets database. UPDATE: Not open source
  • RTX NVideo voice RTX Nvideo voice - demo 1 , demo 2 (closed source)