Spy Game

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This is your invitation to the spy game.

Once you've paid, and I have your email address, you will receive your first mission. The game starts next week in Vancouver, so will exist in physical space there initially. If there is someone else who's a member in your city, the game will likely move to physical space, otherwise your missions may mostly consist of online actions in the interim.

You will get at least one mission per week, each one with the intention that it will be related to another action or mission needed in the future. This is a dynamic game that will be managed based on your actions, previous actions, and your consistently improving skill level.

So the only question now is, will you accept the challenge, agent?

You can either subscribe ($20 USD/month) via paypal:

or send 0.02 bitcoin to 16zD58dCHH2ASx1oEVbpyPSZNJHWykXBUw and email [email protected] with the transaction ID to get a bonus mission in your first month, and you will be subscribed for a year.

Not so fine print: The game could end at any time. No refunds. Myself and my company that is hosting this game is not liable for any issues that occur during the game. My intention and hope is this game goes global, and does not end, that would be amazing.


There is someone else in your city involved, they need a way to speak with you.

Acquire a USB stick, and hide it in plain sight. It could be in a tree, or between bricks in a wall, but it should be somewhere secure, and easy for you to access, but most people will walk by it and completely miss it. You likely will want to glue in place for many future uses.

Note: Any messages you receive on this device in the future could be from an enemy, or an imposter. Someone could install a virus on this USB stick, so whatever you connect to it in the future could be hacked, so take all necessary precautions.

(if someone is in your city, this likely your first mission)

MISSION EXAMPLE 1 (digital):

Enter the konami code on this Bank of Canada website. There was a city named after the composer of the song you will hear -- find out which city that is, and where it's located. The next mission will begin in this city.


Someone else has entered the game, but they don't know how to reach you. You need to leave them instructions by Thursday at [hotel front desk] for [fake name] with the co-ordinates of your USB stick. They could be malicious, so don't reveal your real identity or your virtual identity in case you don't want them to know you, and they could install a virus on your USB stick, so be careful.

The hotel is not involved, and they don't anticipate your note, so you'll have to sort that out through social engineering.

MISSION EXAMPLE 2 (digital):

There was an enemy spy spotted via satellite in this park, who then ran across 6 train tracks and ran into the nearest coffee shop. They ran through the coffee shop, and as soon as they go out the other side there was a bus arriving that they quickly hopped on. Find the unique number of that bus stop and email it to your handler, so they can determine likely exit points for the next mission.


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