Social Distancing

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A pandemic declaration means spend at least 14 days social distancing.

An NBA player (Gobert: Don’t be a Gobert!) laughed at it, as it’s something we can’t see for up to 27 days within ourselves, so we feel invincible. In an interview, he touched the table and microphones, which the odds of carrying it are laughably low, to him. Less than 2 days later he was diagnosed with COVID-19, and they shut down the entire NBA.

It went from a guy touching microphones and laughing to shutting down the NBA in a couple days.

This doesn’t mean panic, quite the contrary. It’s the biggest chance in our lifetimes to relax, reflect, read some Frankl. A chance to learn self-awareness, how to budget, and how to critically think. Social distancing just means assume you have the virus, and you don’t want to be responsible for sharing it, so be aware of what you touch from your eye sockets to elevator buttons and door knobs.

Those who have anxiety, mental health and addiction issues, and/or are in poverty are even more ratcheted, reach out to them and offer some love. There is no single event in our lifetime that emphasized it’s time to love yourself, and love others. Take the time and do a deep dive into loving yourself, and others.

Declaring a pandemic demands a new global series of processes that align with economic challenges (and full of opportnities!), and it raises global social anxiety to a notable level – not something you want to call out for fun.

A compelling and easy story for social distancing is paramount for the next 2 weeks. Don’t think you’re invincible or ignore it, and more people will live. If we do it right, it should feel like we’ve overreacted.



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