I'm often asked for a list of projects I'm involved with, so here is my last updated list:

  • Q1 2019: ID VPN is a VPN for your identity. It de-risks you, and the websites you visit, from privacy breaches, while maintaining any necessary compliance.
  • Decision Tree hopes you help you and your teams make quick and effective decisions, minimising or even removing meeting times.
  • PrivaSecTech is one of the top privacy and security consulting agencies in Canada, that focuses on protecting Canadians personal information.
  • One Day Website creates websites or blogs  for non"techies". We have the website running in one business day and host it for a year, for one low price. We've removed the technical barriers, to launch your next business idea.
  • ASC is a dragon's den/shark tank style kickstarter event.
  • Ideas Meetings is a wiki (community website) for groups that get together and talk about ideas.

No longer priority:

  • IdeaWave is an annual ideas conference in Victoria, BC, every February. It is the only global level ideas conference not geared to the world's elite. It consists of over 50 ideas over 2 days, 10 minutes each.
  • Job Jar is a reverse auction site (like ebay, but you vote down) for services.
  • My Media Memory remembers the tv shows and movies you've watched, video games you've played, and books you've read, and makes recommendations.
  • is a website for anything to do with fermented or distilled beverages near Victoria, B.C.
  • is a group of privacy and security researchers and experts who are passionate about a competitive and secure internet in Canada.
  • Ideas - Victoria links to the Victoria chapter of
  • 250 Life is a blog about things happening in the 250 area code (British Columbia, outside of Vancouver)